AFFORDABLE ARTWORK: Find pieces you will love

affordable artwork

Look around your home do you have some blank walls?  Do you consider artwork in the design of your home?  Or maybe you feel that artwork would be a splurge and an expense that’s not in your budget.  Well, today I am going to give you some inexpensive sources for artwork that will not only complement your design and fit in your budget but that you will love.  affordable artwork

affordable artwork

5 Resources for Affordable Artwork

affordable artwork
This vintage poster hangs in my dining room

1. Poster Art

One day I was fantasy shopping in one of my favorite stores, ZGallerie, when I noticed a poster print.  It looked like a vintage poster that was framed.  Although I loved it, I was really looking for an oversized piece to hang on a wall in my living room.  The print I saw was approximately 24″ x 18″.  I made note of the name of the artist on the print and came home to scour the internet to find it in a much larger size.

I stumbled onto a poster site, AllPosters, that had several poster prints.  I even found the print that I was looking for.  affordable artwork

2. Big Box Store Art

I have actually been surprised to find art pieces at stores like Target, Walmart & Ikea.  They actually have a large selection (even more online) of on-trend art pieces.  The next time you are in HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning or TJ Maxx check out their selection. They have pieces that would fit in just about any decor and at very reasonable prices.

Affordable artwork
I found this at the Goodwill!

3. Thrift Stores

I am sure you have heard stories on the news about people who discovered a long lost priceless art piece at a garage sale for $10.  That would be great but sadly is rare.  affordable artwork

However, one of my favorite pieces on my art wall is a print that I found at the Goodwill.  Now it’s not a fine work of art by any means, but it has the colors I decorate with and complements the design of my living room.

affordable artwork4. DIY Art

Take a Class

For my birthday, my sister treated me to an art & wine session.  I had never even heard of this.  So you go to this event and while sipping wine or cocktails, you are instructed in creating an art piece that you can make and take.  I had a blast!  affordable artwork



Create Art and a Memory!

I wouldn’t say that I created a masterpiece, but I had the best time playing in paint!  In the end, not only did I have an art piece to take home and mount, I had a memory to go along with it.

Check for these types of events in your community.  The local community college might have such art sessions that you can attend very inexpensively.  I promise you will have a blast!

Make it at Home

No time for an art session?  No problem!  Check out this quick tutorial to make an abstract piece that you can make and hang in an afternoon.

5. Custom Creations

We are so lucky because nowadays you can have your own personal pictures turned into a custom art pieces.  Choose a picture from your vacation or even a selfie you love, take it to Allposters, Costco, Shutterfly.  Have them create a custom wall decor for you.  You won’t see that in anyone else home.


There are 5 budget friendly ways to get art up on those blank walls.  But did I miss any?  Do you have a favorite source for affordable artwork?  I would love to know your secret.  Leave me a comment below and tell me about it.


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