AFFORDABLE ARTWORK: The Making of an Art Wall


I L-O-V-E my Art Wall.  It is a curated collection of things I like to look at and are pleasing to my eye.  If you would like to create an Art Wall of your own, keep reading.  Today’s post is a mini tutorial for creating a custom Art Wall of your very own.


The Making of an Art Wall

So what is an Art Wall?

To me, an Art Wall (sometimes called a Gallery Wall) can be a collection of just about anything.  Things that you find beautiful or things that have a history or have a memory attached.  Most likely they would be things that speak to your individual taste and aesthetic.  They can have artwork, or mirrors or baskets.  As a matter of fact, my Art Wall has all of that and more.

What’s on My Wall?

art wall

Clockwise –

  1. Concave Mirror – This was a thrift store find that I painted black and added the gold rim detail.
  2. Fisherman’s basket – Another thrift store find.  I just love the texture of this woven basket.
  3. Initial “B” – For my last name.  Gives a little personalization to the wall.
  4. Marble Rhino & Mini Wreath – The rhino is a newer addition that I found recently at a consignment sale.  I knew he would look so cute holding my mini feather wreath that I found years ago at Joann’s.
  5. Gerbera Print – Called Graffiti Gerbera by Christina Lazar.  This print has all the accent colors in my living room.  It looks just perfect in the space.
  6. Wooden belt – Even an interesting fashion accessory, like this wooden belt, can stand in for an eye-catching art piece.  My reminds me of a wooden lei.
  7. Small mirror – I knew this small decorative mirror would look great on the wall.
  8. Aztec plaque – This is a very special piece.  It was given to me by my husband to commemorate our 10th wedding anniversary.  We got it in a small shop in Mexico.  It actually got chipped on the way home.  But that’s ok!  I think the chip gives it character.
  9. Faux Turtle Shell – I just thought this was too much fun!  It’s from the Nate Berkus accessory collection.
  10. Tin Star – I think this star called to me because of my love of every starburst I have ever seen.



He’s new and oh so cute!

Take Your Time

The things that make up my Art Wall were curated over time.  They were not just chosen to fill an empty wall.  The items are special to me.  Some were gifts and some were thrift store finds (my favorite way of collecting).  Some are special to me and other pieces are just fun.  More than anything, the items on my gallery wall speak to my style.  They make me smile.

Your Art Wall can be as individual as you!

Create an Art Wall

Enough about my art wall.  How would you like to create an art wall?  Well, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Here are 3-Easy steps to create an art wall of your very own:

  1. Decide where your gallery will be.
  2. Choose 5-10 pieces that are special to you.  Remember they can be prints, accessories, mirrors, baskets or anything you like to look at.  Just make sure you like love them.
  3. Mount them so they are pleasing to your eye.



Do you have an Art Wall?  Think you might want to create one?  Please leave me a comment and tell me what you will use to create your Gallery Art Wall.

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