AN ICONIC TABLE 5 WAYS – The Saarinen Table

Saarinen Table

There are certain design pieces that have truly reached iconic status.  The Saarinen table is one.  The graceful lines of this table speak to in modern esthetic but could easily work with many different decor styles.  That’s probably why you can find this iconic table gracing design magazines or Instagram even more than 60 years after it’s debut.

Saarinen Table

There are so many versions of the Saarinen table from round to oval, dining table to coffee table, white or black, wood or glass top.  Everyone equally sleek and stylish.

I’m not sure when I first saw the Saarinen table. I think it might’ve been on one of Candace Olson’s (I love her!) old shows.  All I know is I fell in love at first sight.  So much so that I wound up creating a similar table look for my dining room.
Years ago I was lucky enough to find a base that was almost identical to the Saarinen.  Ecstatic, I asked my upholsterer to create a table top for the base.  I still love my table. 

I loved the look of this table even before I knew the technical name.  I used to call it the tulip table.




Well, today I not only want to show you how you can get the look-for-less but also how to mix the style of the Saarinen table 5 different ways.

Styling the Saarinen Table 5 Ways

I thought we would do a fantasy makeover featuring the Saarinen table. We will use this Saarinen table as our base design point, but pair it with a number of different seating options. Oh and don’t worry I, of course, our options will be budget friendly.
Saarinen Table
Instead of $5400, get this under $450

The Table

No doubt you have probably seen this gorgeous table and while you can still get an authentic Saarinen table, they can be quite pricey.  You could expect to drop thousands for the table still produced by Knoll or DWR.

Umm, thousands??  No thank you, I’m on a budget.


The great thing about this iconic table is that you can find it at just about any price point.  Which is just what I found!

Now that’s a bargain!

Saarinen Table
Ikea $179

Check out this table look-a-like for not even a 10% of the original.  Or this one produced by Ikea for less than $200.  Now that’s a bargain!

Pull Up a Chair

So what should we pair with our Saarinen Table Dupe?

Here are 5 budget finds that would look fabulous!

Saarinen Table

1.  The Eiffel Chair pulls the whole retro modern look together.  It’s a score for your budget too.  Get 2 for only $65.
2. I have always loved a good settee.  This Grey Tufted, Linen Settee with Nailhead Trim would give your table a cool lounge vibe.  The price is cool too at well under $400.
3. A pair of this Dark Teal Fabric Dining Chair would look great with our iconic chair.  Set of 2 for $180.
4. One icon deserves another!  The Ghost Chair is one of my favorite chairs.  This look-a-like is a budget savvy find for under $70.
5. Add this fun Trellis Pattern Dining Chair.  Comes in a pair for less than $300.
Saarinen Table
Apartment Therapy

DIY The Look

I also found a very cool DIY for creating a Saarinen table look alike by Apartment Therapy.  The designer actually used a speaker stand to recreate the look.
If you love the look of this iconic table as much as I do now you have some budget friendly ways to get this look in your interior.

Are you drawn to modern or retro pieces?  Please leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite design piece is.

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