why i thrift shop

I don’t know when I started thrift shopping, but whenever it was I fell in love!  There are many more reasons why I thrift shop, but here are the main reasons why my Saturdays are full of digging for finds.  Today I want to share 9 AWESOME reasons why I love thrift shopping.

why I thrift shop

Why I LOVE thrift shopping!

9. Affordable Why I Thrift Shop

It probably is no secret that most items you will find thrifting will be much less than retail prices.  Stores like Goodwill and The Salvation Army get so many donations everyday.  That of course leads to a lot of inventory.  Inventory that they only have so much space for.  So pricing needs to encourage purchases to move out inventory to make room for more.  This is why the Goodwill has a color of the week.  Any item labeled with this color is 50% off.  I really get excited when I find one of these.

8. Discovery Why I Thrift Shop

Sometimes I will have a certain item or even a list of things I am looking for.  But part of the appeal of thrifting (at least for me) is in the hunt.  The discovery of items I may not have been looking for.

7. Different Selection Why I Thrift Shop

With all the donations/inventory thrift shops get, there is sure to be different items arriving all the time.  Actually, just about every hour there are new items added to the shelves.  So if you see something, grab it.  It probably won’t been there next time.  Why I Thrift Shop

6. Vintage Pieces Why I Thrift Shop

I am sure you have heard stories either in the news or through folklore about people stumbling on to some very valuable vintage finds.  Check out this article about 7 Works of Art found at the GoodwillNow that’s worth searching for.

5. Treasures

Have you ever heard one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?  Of course you have.  Well, it’s true and often these treasures are hanging out at your local thrift store.  You can find collectibles, DVD’s, books, etc.  Just about anything that is sold retail can probably be found at the thrift store.  Even CARS!

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4. Shop & Sell

There are actually people that make a living bargain buying and selling (flipping) what they find.  With all of the selling apps available now like Poshmark, Close5, OfferUp & LetGo to name a few, no longer is eBay the only site in the game.

3. Creative Juices

My daughter once complimented me when she said my mom “see’s the beauty in ugly things.”  I was touched to say the least.  The thing is for some reason I feel more liberty to revamp, recycle or reinterpret some secondhand item.  Much more than if I had purchased even the same item new.  You would be surprised what a coat of paint can do.

why I thrift shop
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2. New Items Too! Why I Thrift Shop

I think many people feel that thrift stores are only stocked with stale, old castaways.  The fact is you can actually find many new items as well.  Many thrift stores now receive overstocked items from various vendors.  I recently found a new purse with tags that I got for a steal.  WINNING!

1.  It’s just too much FUN!

But my No. 1 reason to thrift (drum roll please) …  It’s Just Plain FUN!  I actually get a little bit excited as I approach the door of a thrift store.  My heart leaps as I think about what I might find.  I can’t help thinking about what I might score today.  The hunt truly is the best!

There are my top 9 reasons why I thrift shop.  But what I want to know is do you love to thrift?    Please leave me a comment below and tell me “What is your top reason why you love thrift shopping?”

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