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Mirrored Desk

I am addicted to Jonathan Adler design!  I read somewhere that that is a costly addiction to have.  Well, not today because I have found a design dupe for his mirrored desk named Delphine.  Oh and hang on till the end cause I even have a DIY option for a desk you might already own.

Mirrored Desk


The Mirrored Desk

Mirrored Desk
Jonathan Adler Delphine Desk

The Delphine Desk

Jonathan Adler’s Delphine mirrored desk is stunning!  The desktop gives the appearance of a three drawer desk, but there is only one functioning center drawer with a robin’s egg lacquer interior.  The mirror used has an antiqued finish.  The desktop sits atop a polished brass gold modern base that really sets it apart from any other desk.  The glamorous look of the desk could easily double as a vanity.  The Delphine mirrored desk is 54″ W, 20″ D, 31″ H.

Yes, this desk is stunning!  And so is the price.  The base might be brass colored but the Delphine mirrored desk will cost you plenty gold coming in at a hefty $1950.00.  Yep, almost two grand!

WHAT!  $2000, bring on the dupe!

Now just in case, you are in love with the design, but not the price you are in luck!  Check out this dupe I found.

Mirrored Desk
Dana Desk

The Dana Desk

The Dana Desk has the same look as her prettier cousin with only a slightly different look.  The desktop is clad with elegant beveled mirrors, although not antiqued mirror like the Delphine.  The base has the same lines as the other desk, just finished in chrome instead of the gold-brass color.  Dana also only has one drawer and has matching hardware.  The Dana mirrored desk is slightly smaller with an overall size is 43″ W x 20″ D x 30″ H.

Nice right?  Well, I think you will love this.  The Dana mirrored desk comes in at an eye-popping $1672 less than the designer version.  The Dana Desk is $278.



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Something’s Amiss?

I know what you are saying, “Yeah, it’s very close, but I want the brass base look.”  Well, I told you it was your lucky day.  One brass base coming up!

This Krylon Gold Spray Paint is just what this desk needs to take it over the top.  I think the finish will almost perfectly match the original desk’s polished brass finish.




DIY Mirrored Desk

Want to tackle a DIY mirrored desk?  Well if you have an Alex desk by Ikea you have just the base you need.  The Alex desk has the same lines as the Delphine desk just not the mirrors.  Turn your Alex into a mirrored desk using easy to apply mirror stickers.  The Alex desk base looks almost identical to the other desks just could use a coat of metallic paint.  The Alex desk is just about the same size as the original designer version at 51 5/8 ” Depth: 23 5/8 ” Height: 29 7/8 “.


mirrored deskFinish the Look

Aqua Chair

What?  You still here.  Oh, I know you want the whole Jonathan Adler look.  Ok, no problem.  Check out this look-a-like to the luscious aqua mid-century chair.  Although not velvet and this one needs a shot of the brass paint too but has the same style as the designer chair.  By the way it’s a full $1282 discount from the JA chair.  This chair is a budget approved $118.


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Table Lamp

mirrored desk
Square Lamp $18.33

Hey, I saw you eying that show stopping table lamp on the desk.  Well, unfortunately, that lamp is not available on the Jonathan Adler website.

But never fear, look what I found.  This square metallic lamp has the same unique look.  Again, hit it with the spray color of your choice and this lamp is only $18.33.  That’s right under $20!  I should get a dupe detector prize for that one.

There you have completed the designer look for close to $2500 less!

So how did I do?  Are you a fan of JA design too?  Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought about my mirrored desk dupe.

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