Dollar Tree Must Tries – 7 Items Definitely Worth a Dollar

Dollar Tree Must Tries

Do you love the Dollar Tree?  I sure do.  But even a ninja level bargain hunter (me) can sometimes miss a product or two.  Either you don’t have the time to hunt or you might be unsure whether or not you should try out a certain item.  Well, not to worry.  I’ve done the research for you.  Here are seven items you should definitely pick up on your next trip to the dollar tree.  Here are my Dollar Tree Must Tries!

Dollar Tree Must Tries

7 Dollar Tree Must-Tries

Dollar Tree Must TriesSaffron Rice Dollar Tree Must Tries

I think I picked this up the first time simply because I needed some rice in the house and I was looking for minute rice.  But boy am I glad I did!  This rice is SO GOOD!  I have since seen it at the regular stores, but of course for much more.  Get a bag.  I think you will love it.


Dollar Tree Must TriesAwesome Spray

My friend turned me on to this multipurpose cleaning spray.  Like the name says it truly is awesome.  It’s one of those use everywhere sprays and can be used on so many surfaces.  It cuts grease but is safe to use on painted walls too.  Definitely worth a dollar.  


Dollar Tree Must Tries

Dollar Tree Must TriesTurkey Bacon

You probably know the brand Jennie-O so you will probably recognize this turkey bacon.  I LOVE THIS BACON!  The packaging is just smaller than at the other stores, but for a dollar, it’s a good amount. This is over in the refrigerated section.  Dollar Tree Must Trie



Dollar Tree Must TriesMoisturizers

This should actually count as two items because I buy both the day and night versions of this moisturizer.  I have actually been using this for quite a few years and since it’s just a dollar I usually pick up quite a few at a time.  I like to do one of those commercial moves and just sweep the whole display into my cart (kidding, not kidding).  Dollar Tree Must Tries

Dollar Tree Must TriesPancake on a Stick Dollar Tree Must Tries

I just started getting these but they are really good.  Even though they seem to be an off brand, they taste just as good as the name brand.  BONUS – these offer a good amount of protein at 11g too. Dollar Tree Must Tries

Dollar Tree Must TriesMakeup Brushes

In recent years I have found quite a few name brand makeup items at the Dollar Tree.  These brushes are by Wet n Wild, but are actually a current item.  They are from there vegan brush collection and are good quality brushes.  Even though they are actually the same price as on the Wet n Wild website, it feels like such a score to find it at the Dollar store.  Plus you can skip shipping.  TIP:  Store hop and try to collect the whole set.

Dollar Tree Must TriesScissors

I put the scissors here, but actually, a whole line of Betty Crocker utensil products is displayed at the Dollar Store.  You might think that since I have purchased these scissors a number of times that they might not be very durable.  But they actually are very good.  My husband just routinely forgets and puts them in the dishwasher (don’t do that) so they break.  These are the same scissors available on Amazon for $5, but not at Dollar Tree.

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Take my word for it, these seven items are some of my go-to things to pick up at the Dollar Tree.  I try to pick these up whenever I’m there.  Do you have any Dollar Tree Must Haves?  I would love to hear your favs.  Leave a comment below and tell me what I missed.

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