GET HAMMERED! – Using a Hammered Paint Finish

Hammered Paint

I love quick DIY projects, don’t you?  Well today I have one to share that saved me time and big money.  BONUS! – I got to use a product I hadn’t tried before.  It was easy to use and just about fool-proof.  Check out how I used a hammered paint to give an old tired item a brand new look.

Hammered Paint

Using a Hammered Spray Paint

One of my favorite things in life, well in crafting and DIYing, is spray paint. I mean how many other things can bring an immediate change to an item?

At this point, I actually have a stockpile of spray paint that would rival a tagger. At least that’s what my husband says.

hammered paint

Just like many DIY’ers, I have a couple of favorite brands but today I want to talk about a particular spray paint that I am loving. Today I’m featuring the Rustoleum hammered spray paint.
I especially am drawn to texturing paint like this hammered paint finish.  Full disclosure; I actually wanted to get a new mailbox.  But after checking out the prices and since we live in a rental, I decided to try to revive the old tired one we already had.

 The paint adhered well to the metal as well as the plastic parts

Check out how I used this spray hammered paint to revive and transform my old mailbox.  I chose the dark bronze color and only had to use two coats to get this coverage.  The paint adhered well to the metal as well as the plastic parts of the mailbox.
hammered paint
Hammered paintI loved the mailbox project so much (and since I still had more in the can) that I decided to use the paint again on some nondescript plain ole brass house numbers.   After painting them with a couple of coats, I mounted them on a painted plaque I got at Michael’s.  Now the house numbers match the mailbox and look like a deliberate design detail.

What Else?

Since those projects I’ve also used the hammered paint to transform simple plastic planters and give them a metal finish as well.  I also have plans to use it to update my patio table to match my new patio chairs using the hammered paint of course.
Check out how Let’s Paint That used the hammered paint to give a light fixture a more updated finish.

This paint works on just about any surface from metal to wood to plastic.

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Final Thoughts

I definitely liked the effect the hammered paint gives.  The textured finish gives a more sophisticated look than a metallic or flat paint could.
The product was easy to apply and because of the textured finish, this paint has the ability to hide imperfections in the item you’re painting.
The hammered paint comes in 11 colors and is also available in a brush-on pint as well.  Even the black hammered paint would look great.
hammered paint
Dani at updates the color of a mixer

This paint could be used to update old picture frames, cabinet hardware or even small kitchen appliances.  Since items that are constantly exposed to the elements tend to wear, dull and even rust, I think I will be using this paint again to revive an old finish instead of repurchase.

Have you ever tried using a textured paint like this hammered paint?  What did you think?  Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you used the paint on and the results.

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