DIY Echo Dot Holder

Let me show you how I created a DIY Echo Dot Holder from some dollar store finds in minutes for only $3.00. You are going to love this!

So I have to admit, I love a quick & cheap project. Here’s the thing, it can’t look cheap. If ya know what I mean.

Such as it was with this project. I can’t wait to show you how it came out.

Because It’s So Cute!

Because I love just about everything to look pretty, after I got our first Echo Dot I decided it needed a proper throne. So of course I checked Amazon for something cute. I found this adorable owl Echo Dot holder.

I know! It’s cute which is why I was this close to adding it to cart, but then I thought “$25, REALLY? Do I really need to spend $25 on that?” The answer must have been no because I never ordered it.

My $3 DIY Echo Dot Holder

I had almost forgotten all about the holder when one day I was strolling down the eisles of my .99$ Store and I stumbled upon this cute planter.

You already know what I was thinking right? I think because it looked so much like the holder I had seen on Amazon, I immediately thought “I’ll make my own DIY Echo Dot holder.”

I actually picked up three of the planters. Because why not? They were only $1.50. I knew my daughter might want a holder and I could probably find someone else who wanted the cute holder I was about to make.

Yield: 1

How to Easy DIY Echo Dot Holder

DIY Echo Dot Holder

This project comes together quickly. Here's all you need.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • Ceramic planter (at least X" in diameter)
  • Adhesive Cork sheet
  • Floral Styrofoam Foam (tapered)
  • Stryrofoam ball (1.9")


  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Serrated (steak) knife
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


DIY Echo Dot Holder 1. On the reverse side of the adhesive cork sheet, use the larger end of the floral styrofoam and to trace a circle with a pencil.

2. Cut out the circle. Peel and apply it to the larger end of the floral foam. You can use your glue gun to make sure the cork is firmly attached to the styrofoam.

DIY Echo Dot Holder 3. Using a serated knife to cut off 1" of the styrofoam ball.

DIY Echo Dot Holder 4. Flip the floral styrofoam over and hot glue the larger piece of the styrofoam ball in the center.

DIY Echo Dot Holder 5. Flip back to the cork end of the floral styrofoam and insert the whole piece into the planter. Pushing it down so that it rests just inside the lip of the planter.

6. OPTIONAL: You could cut an additional circle of the adhesive cork and apply it to the bottom of the planter to protect your surface.


I got the planner from the .99$ store. The adhesive cork sheet, floral styrofoam & styrofoam balls were purchased from the Dollar Tree.

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This project is hands down one of my favorites! Not just because it was only $3, but because it was so darn fast, easy, & fabulous!

I wonder what Alexa thinks of her new throne. I’ll ask her!

Keep Designing –

This One Was Even Easier!

We actually have 3 echo dots now. Here’s the holder I created for the one in the living room. I say created, but actually I found this cute metallic, ceramic holder at the Goodwill. I think it’s actually a candle holder, but not anymore. LOL

I think this was a candle holder in a previous life

Do you have a naked Echo Dot or does yours have a proper throne? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about my DIY Echo Dot holder project.

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