inexpensive gift wrapping

So hopefully you have got most of your gift shopping done by now (psst, there is only 1 more day in case you didn’t know).  If so you might be faced with figuring out how to wrap all those gifts under your tree.  If you are anything like me, you will probably want to make sure your wrapping is at least worthy of the gift inside.  So today’s post is devoted to chic but inexpensive gift wrap.  Here are 7 ways to get those gifts wrapped in style.

inexpensive gift wrap

Just in case you are reading this post on Christmas eve while staring at a pile of gifts that need wrapping, never fear!  I have compiled some unique, inexpensive gift wrap ideas that largely use what you already have on hand.  Some may surprise you but hopefully they will also delight the recipient as well.

7 Chic & Inexpensive Gift Wrap Ideas

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1. Kraft Paper

I thought I would start with my favorite gift wrap.  Brown kraft paper is super inexpensive and durable.  You know how some of those gift wrapping papers are so thin?  Then you go to wrap a gift and it tears?  Well, you don’t have to worry about that with kraft paper.  If its good enough to use as a covering for shipping packages, then it will serve you well for wrapping even your most odd shaped gift.

You can wrap the gift in just the plain kraft paper and then finish it with a fancy bow and gift tag.  Something sparkly against the plain background of the kraft paper makes it look extra special.

inexpensive gift wrapHow about using the kraft paper as a starting point.  Take the plain kraft paper and use stamps, stencils or even markers to create custom wrapping paper.  Here is how to make custom stamps super inexpensively.  How easy is that?



You could make custom wrapping paper by writing the receipients name all over the paper.

BTW:  Brown kraft paper is very inexpensive to buy in bulk.  You get so much more than on the standard gift wrap roll.

2. White Tissue Paper

Just like the brown kraft paper, tissue paper is a relatively inexpensive gift wrap.  I know we usually use tissue paper as an inside the gift wrapping, but you can use this versatile paper to wrap the gift too.  You will probably need to use a few sheets to create an opaque wrapping.

inexpensive gift wrap3. Burlap Fabric

Now you may or not have burlap laying around the house, but if you don’t you might want to head over to the fabric store for a few yards.  Much like the kraft paper, the burlap is a kind of shabby chic background for a gift wrapping.  Finish off with a showy, glittery bow to make a unique gift wrapping.  Tip:  You will probably need some heavy-duty tape for this heavy fabric.

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4. Wine Bottle Boxes

Got an oddly shaped gift to wrap?  Like sunglasses or makeup brush set?  Why not use one of those inexpensive wine bottle tube boxes?  Again, these can usually be found at the dollar store and are a really quick, unexpected gift wrapping.

inexpensive gift wrap5. Santa’s Stocking

Jumbo Stockings

Every year I stock up on Jumbo Santa Stockings to use as wrappings for gifts for the kids.  It is a really quick, easy and inexpensive way to wrap gifts.  I actually don’t have to wrap anything.  I just stuff the gift inside the big stocking and sit back and wait for the WOW face on the kids.  I mean can you just imagine receiving this huge, oversized stocking?  It almost doesn’t matter what’s inside.

Christmas Stocking

These are the regular size stockings that you see all over the place at Christmas time.  Even though we usually think of these stockings as hung by the chimney with care (like in the song), these red stockings are really quite versatile, inexpensive gift wrap too.

  • Use a stocking to conceal a bottle of wine as a hostess gift
  • Use smaller, mini versions to stuff small gifts like jewelry inside
  • Stuff a sack of homemade cookies inside for a sweet surprise
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6. Custom Gift Bags

Sure you could just head over to the dollar store and pick up a few gift bags and call it done.  But why not be a little creative and craft a custom bag?  Often times you will need a bag size that is more custom sized for the gift you are giving.

Some of the store bought bags just won’t cut it.

Check out this tutorial for making your own gift bags.  You could even use brown kraft paper to create your custom bag.

inexpensive gift wrap7. Gift Wrapping Party

It might be a little late to set up a Gift Wrapping Party , but hey you never know.  You could probably lure a few friends of yours with a bottle(s) of wine and a plate full of cookies in exchange for help wrapping your gifts.

So there you have seven super easy, chic and inexpensive gift wrapping ideas.  Most won’t require you to run out into the cold night air on Christmas eve.  Your welcome!

Go ahead wrap those gifts.  But do it with style.


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