This Little Paint Pot – 15 Ways to use a Paint Jar

Paint Jar

On one of my recent trips to Michaels (who my kidding I’m always in there), I noticed these little craft paint jars.  The size of this acrylic craft paint is much larger than the small craft paint bottles but much less than a quart of paint.  I picked up a couple of glossy white thinking I would use it to repaint my bathroom vanity.  But it got me to thinking …

What you Could Do with this Little Paint Pot?

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Here are 15 Ways to use this Little Paint Jar


1. Inside of the Medicine Cabinet

Have you ever thought about painting the inside of your medicine cabinet?  Well, if you do it can make that area brighter and more visible.  Adding a coat of glossy paint can also make it easier to clean.  The dust and dirt will wipe off a lot easier on a painted surface.

2. Underside of a Glass Table Top

How about adding a pop of color to the underside of a glass table top?  In my mirrored glass table DIY I used spray paint to transform a plain glass top.  Instead, you could use an acrylic paint to add your favorite color.

paint jar

3. Paint a small piece of furniture

These paint jars would be perfect if you need to paint (or repaint) a small piece of furniture.  Since these paints are made for use on glossy surfaces you could easily use them to paint ceramic pieces like this Garden Stool I painted and turned into a decorative light.

Maxx Gloss, are 8 oz paint jars and come in various colors.

4. Paint the vanity

The main reason I picked up this paint jar was to use to repaint my bathroom vanity.  I actually had more than enough to do two coats.

paint jar
Try out Greenery the Pantone Color of the Year

5. Picture frame

How about giving a thrift store mirror or picture frame new life with a fresh new color?

6. DIY artwork

I recently took a painting class and now I am convinced I am a artist.  Ok, maybe not quite, but I am inspired to maybe try my hand at creating a piece of art.  These paints work well on canvas.

Or go big and maybe use these paints to create a mural on a wall in your home.


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Even though I was thinking about the craft paint jar, these would also work if you happen to have a little bit of leftover paint from a larger project as well.

7. Fabric painting

Not feeling like an artist just yet?  What about painting a plain canvas pillow?  You could even cheat and use a stencil or fill in a penciled design.  If you get good, you could give these as gifts or sell them on Etsy.


8. Stripes on a wall

I plan my larger DIY projects around a holiday.  So for the next long weekend, I have planned to repaint a wall with wide stripes.  Maybe I will pick up 2-3 of these paint jars to create my stripes.

9. Interior of a drawer

Because I was just lusting over this desk by Jonathan Adler, I noticed that the interior of the drawer is painted in robin’s egg blue.  I might not be able to get the desk, but I can sure paint a drawer!

paint jar10. Testing a new color

Thinking about trying out a new color in your space?  These paint jars would be perfect for trying out a new color on a small scale by painting an accessory.

11. Touch up paint

It’s just a fact that over time things happen and furniture and walls can get bruised.  These paint jars come in so many colors you could keep one on hand for quick touch-ups.

12. Stenciling

I mentioned before that you use this paint jar to stencil a pillow cover, but you could also use it for many other stenciling projects.  Since most stenciling projects require very little paint, these paint jars would be more than enough.


13. Trim paint

Since the Maxx Gloss paint is super glossy, it is perfect for trim like baseboards, windows or even doors.  So if your trim work could use a new coat of paint, this is perfect.

14.  Lamp Shade

Instead of the plain jane (no offense Jane) lampshades, use a little paint to create a custom lampshade.  Check out this DIY painted lampshade project.

15. Plant pot

How about giving your plant pots a fresh new color?  These paints are well suited for terra cotta pots.  As a matter of fact, I saw this cute little jar at  I thought it was so cute, but I knew I could recreate it for a lot less than $7.99.  I was right!  Pinterest to the rescue!  I found this tutorial by for the same cute design.  As soon as I find a cute jar, I’m making this!


paint jar
Isn’t this the cutest jar? Here’s the DIY tutorial.


More Paint!

The Maxx Paint comes in super high gloss.  Just in case you could use this type of paint jar in other finishes, look what I found for you:

paint jar
Exterior/Interior Paint

DecoArt also has another paint line called Outdoor Living.  This one comes in metallics as well as just about any other color you might be looking for.  These are great because they are suited for both exterior and interior applications and comes in different finishes too.

So you can really get your paint on!

DecoArt also offers this paint jar in a Chalky Paint, Waxes & Varnishes, Stains, and Speciality Paint mediums.



Have you tried these paints?  Do you like being able to get more paint in these paint jars than the little ones?  Leave me a comment below and tell me what you have used these for.

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