LOW cost/HIGH style: Starburst Mirrors

I am sure I have said before that I don’t just love starburst mirrors, I swoon over them.  According to Centsational Girl, “Sunburst mirrors date back to Louis XIV, known as the “Sun King”, and as the story goes, he used to stare into his sunburst mirror each morning to see his face in the center of the sun’s rays.  This decorative mirror became popular yet again in the mid-twentieth century, and in the last few years, they are everywhere.”  Well, count me in the everywhere!  I just love the sparkle they seem to bring to a space.  So you guessed it; today we are talking Starburst Mirrors.

Starburst Mirror

Starburst Mirror
This is my mirror

Starburst Mirrors

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Starburst Mirrors
The Horchow Starburst Mirrors are legendary.   This one is 34″ of golden glory.

My Starburst Mirror

On of my prize finds is my starburst mirror in my living room. It was a yard sale find.  I loved it when I snagged it for $10.00 (yep) that day and I love it still.  In the Shop My Style: Living Room post, my mirror stands out as the jewel of the room.  Starburst mirrors can shine anywhere in your home.  Over the bed, over a fireplace or between two windows.

starburst mirrors


So whether you call them Starburst or Sunburst Mirrors, small or large, silver or gold, metal or metallic finished, vintage or vintage inspired I just love them.  That’s if you can find them.


Horchow Starburst Mirrors although beautiful, are typically quite expensive and SOLD OUT!


What I don’t like is the price tag usually associated with these jems.  These mirrors can start in the hundreds and easily get into the thousands for the larger ones.

I’ll Make You A Star

No worries!  There are tons of DIY’s out there to make one of these beauties of your own.  Check out this SUPER EASY video that will get you hanging your own starburst mirror in minutes.



Unlike that vain king, I think it is just fine to admire these radiant sculptures.

Do you love starburst mirrors as much as me?  Think there is any difference in a starburst or sunburst mirror?  I would love to know your opinion.  Please leave me a comment below.

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