New Year's Eve Glasses

New Year’s Eve Glasses

New Year's Eve Glasses

Yesterday I posted this project on Facebook.  I actually created this New Year’s Eve Glasses project a couple of years ago for my childcare kids.  It was so much fun and SO EASY that I kinda make it a point of making them every year now.  Since posting it I have received so many questions on how to create the glasses that I thought I would write a quick post to show just how easy it is to create these fun New Year’s Eve Glasses.

Here’s how to create these SUPER EASY New Year’s Eve Glasses and bring in the New Year in fun fashion.

Creating New Year’s Eve Glasses with Cricut

Why I created the New Year’s Eve Glasses

My daytime job is a childcare provider and a few years ago just before the New Year’s break, I wanted to create something for the kids.  I thought it would be fun to make the kids New Year’s Eve Glasses.  I had an idea about how I wanted them to look and I knew with my Cricut die cutting machine I could get them done in quick order.

Cricut Maker Machine

I was so happy with my New Year’s Eve Glasses and really amazed at how easy they were to make.  I mean SUPER EASY!  This was awesome because it was one of the first projects I made on the Cricut using the “weld” feature.  I love learning new things that the Cricut does!

Anyway, if you would like to create the glasses too, keep reading.

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What you will need

How to Make the Glasses


Most of the questions I got about the New Year’s Eve Glasses is what size should the pieces be.  Since I was creating the glasses for very young children, my measurements may or may not work for your purposes.

The best thing to do, and what I did, is to measure the person who will be wearing the classes.  I measured two or three of the children’s faces and realized which measurements would probably be a universal fit.

Here’s how to measure – 

New Year's Eve Glasses


Make sure the frames end-to-end measure the size of the person’s face from temple to temple.  The sides of the glasses should equal the measurement from the front of the face to behind the ear.  Add 1/2 inch to both measurements for comfort and better fit.

New Year's Eve Glasses


After I made the glasses for the first time, I created the following video showing just how I did it in Cricut Design Space.  In the video, I show you how to weld the pieces of the glasses together so it’s a one-piece cut.  NOTE: There is no audio to the video, but it is easy to follow.

CLICK HERE for SVG file in Cricut Design Space.


TIP:  After creating the glasses, it might be a good idea to cut out a sample to check the fit before making the final cuts to the posterboard.

And that’s it!  I told you it was super easy.   Don’t you just love it when a project is SUPER SIMPLE like this but still has amazing results?!

New Year's Eve Glasses
Here’s how GREAT my glasses came out this year!

Seriously, I think this project is so simple even a 1st time user of the Cricut could do it with ease.

CLICK HERE for SVG file in Cricut Design Space.

Oh, by the way, be sure to get your poster board that’s at least 11″ x 14″ (20″ x 30″ even better).  Common 12″ x 12″ cardstock paper probably won’t work.  The overall length of the glasses will most likely be over 12″ even for a child-size.

I like using metallic poster board for this project.  But you could pick up plain white or black poster board at the Dollar Tree and easily use that instead.

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And while I created these as New Year’s Eve Glasses for the kids, it would be super easy to size them for adults.  Just follow the same measuring instructions above to create a larger size of the glasses.

These glasses look great in just about any color of the metallic posterboard, but if you only have plain white posterboard use that.  They will still look great!

The glasses would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party favor too.   Imagine the great pictures you’ll get!

Make them for Valentine’s Day too!

Even though this project is for New Year’s Eve Glasses you could easily change the design.  You could make the glasses for Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, birthday parties, etc.  Just like most projects I make with my Cricut, the sky’s the limit.  Just be sure to save the eyeglass SVG template for future use.

If you do make these New Year’s Eve Glasses I would love to see pictures.  Please come back and leave me a comment and show me your results.


New Year's Eve Glasses

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  1. These are so cute!! Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to try them!!

    1. Hey Angela,

      So glad you like them! I’ve actually started making the glasses in different holiday variations throughout the year. Please share pics if you give them a try.

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