HIGH style/LOW cost: The Morrocan rug

morrocan rug

I ask; have you seen the Morrocan Rug.  I ask, but I think I know the answer because it’s everywhere.  In magazines, design makeover shows and online.  It is all the rage and trending.  So today I thought we would look at how to get the look for less.

morrocan rug

I have seen this rug just about everywhere.  And every time I see this rug it catches my eye.  I am sure there are other color variations, but I see the cream with black diamond style in most of the room designs.  I think this look is most appealing because although the design is classic in style, the plush texture gives it a real ethnic appeal.  Morrocan rug

The Morrocan Rug

Moroccan rug
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High Style   Morrocan rug

Just about every major design store has a version of this rug.  This one by West Elm shows the intricate detail of their version of the Morrocan rug which they call Souk.  This lovely rug comes in at a hefty $1199.00 as a room size 9″ x 12″ rug.  We will use this as our high-end designer rug.  Now let’s see if we can get the same look for less.   Morrocan rug

Low Cost

Morrocan rugA Match!

Look what I found!  The Fez rug by NuLoom is almost an exact match to our high-end rug.  It is the same size, 9′ x 12′ and has the same large fringe detail.  You know what it doesn’t have?  The price!  This gorgeous dupe is only $598.56.  More than half off the original rug’s price.   This is our Best Match!  Morrocan rug


Half-off!  Not bad, but can we do better?


morrocan rugA Good Option

The Hudson rug by Safavieh while has the same color scheme and size as the other rugs at 9′ x 12′ it does have a slightly different style.  The pattern has a more quatrefoil shape than the diamond pattern of the high-end rug.  Still with a price tag of only $291.54 it is a really good option.   Morrocan rug


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Look!  I found an option this is almost a 10th of the high-end rug!


morrocan rugBest Bargain!

This rug by NuLoom called Lola is slightly smaller than our high-end rug at 8′ x 10′ and doesn’t have the fringe detail.  But guess what else it doesn’t have?  The high price.   This lovely rug is only $152.37.  A super low price tag for a room sized rug.  This is our Best Bargain!   Morrocan rug

So there you have it three beer budget options for this hot look.  One was almost an exact match for the high style more expensive rug.  You can replicate the look without releasing all your cash.

How did I do?  Do you like this look?  Please leave me a comment below and tell me if you have noticed this trendy style lately.


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