My Fab Foyer Rehab – A Great Decluttered Entryway Refresh Project

In this post, I will show you how I decluttered & decorated my entryway giving it a fresh new budget-friendly look. This is a great decluttered entryway refresh project.

How My Entryway Went From Cluttered to Classy

After deciding to relocate my workspace to another room, I made the decision to clean up my foyer game too. It is the first space you enter in the house and to say it was cluttered is just an enormous understatement.

Take a look at how I transformed this space into a customized & stylized entryway I’m now proud of. Here is my decluttered entryway project.

The Before Shot!

Decluttered Entryway

Yes, I’m embarrassed to show you this. But here is where I started.

Here Comes The Purge

I already had plans to move my desk area to another room so the file cabinet was relocated there. And since I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade my desk, I knew I would be ditching my old desk too. The shelves need to go and I was able to sell them pretty quickly on OfferUp.

In the end, I was left with just the old Ikea piece that we use for a credenza and some big holes in the wall.

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Prepping For Pretty

After patching up the holes with spackle I headed to Home Depot to get some paint to cover the holes. I know you won’t believe it but because I have a habit of always checking out the “OPPS” paint area I noticed a small paint sample for $.50 that I was certain would be a perfect match for my walls even without a paint swatch. No way right?

When I got home I just couldn’t wait to see if the paint did actually match so I tested it on a few areas. And I couldn’t believe it but out of all the colors of paint out there this paint was a “PERFECT MATCH”.

I took that as a good omen for the whole project.

Decluttered Entryway
I still love this piece!

The Credenza Project

This is my dresser/credenza. It’s a great large storage piece and it had to stay. But it clearly needed an update.

Time to get creative!

See how I easily created this table topper here

Final Look

I AM IN LOVE with the way this came out! It looks just like the painted glass project I saw all those years ago. Seriously, doesn’t it look like I purchased it like this?

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Always Artwork

All those original HGTV designers I followed back in the day had convinced me that just about every space can use some art. So of course, my foyer would need art too. Budget-friendly of course.

These three pieces are custom art that I created specifically for this space. I incorporated the colors used in the adjacent dining room & living room spaces into these prints. Then I used inspiration from artwork that I love. The shark celebrates my fascination with the fin.

You can get these art prints here.

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I saved so much money by re-purposing the frames from my previous office space (see the wall planner above my old workspace) and I love the eclectic gallery look.

Lighting It Up

The brass lamp that was previously in the space I was still in love with, but it was kinda squatting now. It needed to be taller. This was one of the projects that was sort of a puzzle to me. I just kept looking at the lamp knowing there was an easy solution for a riser. But what?

I considered a number of things from a glass vase to a DIY base made from dollar store jenga-type blocks, to hunting for another brass piece. But you won’t believe what I finally settled on …

$6 at Michaels

Yep! It’s a tissue box holder. It turns out it was nearly the perfect size! I scored it for only $6 at Micheals. All I had to do was to cover it with some marble-looking adhesive paper like this. Then I added a few heavy pebbles to make sure it was stable and used a piece of velcro to secure it to the brass part of the lamp (just in case I want to deconstruct it later).

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And voila! The new base coordinates beautifully with the lamp.

Keep Designing –

Decluttered Entryway

New Editions

I did add a couple of editions to the space. The artwork and this ottoman from Target by Opalhouse just begged to be added to the party. I think it really finishes off the space nicely. Don’t you?

The figleaf tree was previously located in my living room but looked out of place. It looks so much better here.

It Paid For Itself!

Of course, the best part, aside from me having a beautiful new foyer area and adding another successful project to my toolbelt is the fact that I did it on a budget. In fact, some of the stuff I sold in the purge helped pay for the additions to the space.

All in all, the total out-of-pocket for this transformed (no longer embarrassing) foyer was only about $100.00. Not bad right?

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Drum roll, please! Here is my newly decluttered entryway

The After!

I wish all my projects turned out as great as this decluttered entryway project!

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