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Stylish Storage

Most of us make New Year resolutions.  Sadly, many of us don’t even make it out of January of the new year without abandoning them.  Did you see me raise my hand?  Well if one of your resolutions is to get a little more organized, today I’m gonna give you some stylish storage options that will let you check organized off your list.

Stylish Storage

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15 Stylish Storage Options

For this post, I tried to find pieces that I hadn’t seen before.  Ones that I would love to have in my own home.  I think I hit just about every area in the home.

Vertical storage

If you live in a small house or apartment, like me, you find out pretty quickly the floorplan can run out of space fast.  So why not go up?  Vertical storage can double or even triple the storage space you have.

stylish storageCheck out these options:

  1. Whether you are looking for more storage in your main living area, in the bathroom or just looking to clear off a bedside table, floating shelves can be the answer.  These are great because they have a hidden drawer too.
  2. Need some extra help in the foyer?  Check out this wall shelf.  It combines a mail sorter, hanging hooks for keys, jackets or scarfs, and a shelf.  Talk about triple duty!
  3. Need to create a workstation?  This floating desk creates a fully functional desk area out of less than 43″.  Imagine mounting this in the kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you have a plain wall doing nothing for you.

Hidden storage

Whether you are looking to hide valuables or just your kid’s mess, these stylish storage solutions allow you to get more use out of limited space.

stylish storage

  1. I love this ironing board cabinet.  It combines the ironing board itself and has storage room for the iron, starch, and even a hook to hang your pressed items.
  2. This kids table will have you wishing you could sit there too.  But wait, it has a secret – a hidden storage center for all those toys or craft supplies.  No more begging the kids to clean up.  This table makes it easy.
  3. Need somewhere to stash your sewing area?  Most sewing cabinets are very pricy.  Not this one.  Hide your sewing machine and supplies in this sewing cabinet for less than $200.
  4. How about hidden storage where the kids will probably never look.  Check out this Sensor Activated Globe Hidden Storage Container.  It opens with just the approach of the hand.  Uh, better put this up high.

Acrylic solutions

I personally love lucite or acrylic furniture and accessories.  Like glass they give functionality without taking up visual space.  Look at the stylish storage that an acrylic piece can give.

stylish storage

  1. Have you ever seen an acrylic cart?  I like how this one is there but isn’t.  It lets your glassware and cocktail accessories stand out.
  2. This acrylic knife stand would look great in just about any kitchen.  The six piece set includes the stand and five knives.
  3. What woman doesn’t need more makeup storage?  Not this one.  Mere mortals and celebrities alike lust over Acrylic Cosmetic and Accessory Organizers like this one.  Oh, and it’s less than $100.
  4. How about some desk storage?  This acrylic letter tray will help corral your papers without taking up any visual space.

Space savers

Nowadays you can incorporate space savers in just about every room of your home.  These do it with a lot of style too.stylish storage


  1. Need more storage in the bathroom?  This cabinet gives you so much extra space to store everything from tissue to magazines to cleaning supplies.
  2. This round dining table is a real space saver.  It tri-folds flat when not in use.
  3. An extra wardrobe closet might come in handy right?  Look at this one I found for less than $60!
  4. I sure could use some extra surface space in my kitchen.  If you could too, check out this Rolling Kitchen Cart.  It has a space saving drop leaf & comes with stools.  Roll this out of the way when it’s not needed.

So there you have it.  15 Stylish Storage Solutions for you to kick the year off more organized.  Maybe this year at least one of my resolutions will get done.

Did you find one you might try?  I would love to hear about it, leave me a comment below and tell me all about it.

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