PRODUCT REVIEW: Bright Tunes Indoor/Outdoor string lights with speakers

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The following is my first impression review of the Bright Tunes Indoor/Outdoor string lights have 4 built-in Bluetooth speakers.  I purchased the product myself and have no involvement with the company behind it and this is not a paid review.  The following review represents my honest opinion of the product.

Each Christmas season I like to mix things up.  I actually change my color scheme with each passing year.  It just makes things a little more fun and fresh.  I will get into how I do that and this year’s decorations in another post, but today I want to talk about something new I added to my Christmas Tree this year.bright tunes

What are Bright Tunes?

I love my Christmas tree.  We purchased it over 10 years ago and although it is artificial it is very well made.  Thank you, Martha Stewart!  The tree is prelit, easy to set up and I can honestly say that only a few of the lights have gone out in all that time.

Anyway, a think a couple of years ago I noticed that the newer model trees had some great new features, like timers and speakers.  I knew I couldn’t justify purchasing a new tree, but a girl can dream, right?

Then about a month ago I noticed these Indoor/Outdoor string lights with built-in speakers in a local circular.  I never made it to the store, but last week I decided to research it again.   I found the Bright Tunes Indoor/Outdoor string lights have 4 built-in Bluetooth speakers.

So last week I ordered the Bright Tunes and couldn’t wait to get them to try it out.

Pretty Cool Right?


Bright Tunes are Indoor/Outdoor string lights with built-in speakers.  There are four Bluetooth speakers attached to a string of lights.  They basically look like your normal string of tree lights, they just have speakers as well.

But normal they are not!

Once connected, you can stream Pandora, iTunes or your own personal playlist to the speakers to stream music directly from your tree.

Choose the Bright Tunes lights to match your Christmas decor.  They come on either a green or white string and with white or multicolor lights.

Easily adjust the volume from your cellphone without the need for a dedicated app.

bright tunes

Who Are They For

The Bright Tunes lights are perfect for anyone who wants to step up their Christmas decoration game.  Technology speaking, this is a really nice addition to your normal tree decorations.  The speakers are hardly noticeable among the branches of the tree.

These lights make it a party!

Bright Tunes would also be a great surprise for Christmas party goers.  Since the lights are appropriate for both indoors and outdoors, they can be placed in a number of different places.  Use them to decorate your Christmas tree, a wreath or tabletop centerpiece tree.  Outside Bright Tunes can be connected together to increase the range and space you wish to decorate and audiomate.  Is that a word?

bright tunes

How to Get Them

A string of Bright Tunes are Indoor/Outdoor string lights with 4-built-in Bluetooth speakers sells for $19.95 on Amazon which is the lowest I have seen them priced.

 Now your tree can sing “Santa Baby” to you!

Pros vs. Cons

The Pros

  • Allow you to stream music to various items (Christmas tree, wreath, outdoor foliage)
  • Color makes them nearly undetectable
  • Wireless
  • Easy set-up
  • Allows use of preferred music source
  • Comes in various colors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Perfect for a party

So there are the pros of the Bright Tunes Indoor/Outdoor string lights.  There are a few cons I found too.

The Cons

  • The sound from the speakers is somewhat grainy
  • Speaker size is a little large at 1.5″ for use on the Christmas tree
  • There are only 4 speakers per string



Bright Tunes comes in two string colors, either green or white and with white or multicolored lights.
bright tunes

Worth it?

I would say that the Bright Tunes are Indoor/Outdoor string lights are definitely worth the purchase.  The pros totally outweigh the cons with an average consumer rating of 4 stars.  The flexibility of being able to use the lights either indoors or outdoors is very convenient.  They definitely stepped up my Christmas decor game this year but could be used year round.

Do you think you might use a product like this?  What new products have you tried lately?  Leave me a comment below and tell me about it.

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