budget design stores

budget design stores

I’m the kind of girl gets a high off of finding budget deals. Heck it’s in the very name of this blog. I especially like sourcing on-trend looks for less. So today I thought I would share some of my best budget decor secret sources.  Here are 10 of my most favorite decorating haunts.  Stores for Budget Decor

Stores for Budget Decor

Five More Stores for Budget Decor


Yes, I know WALMART!  But, yes and yes again.  Most people may not know that uses many third party vendors to flesh out their home decor and furnishings selection.  Stores for Budget Decor


Again, Ikea is not a true secret source for inexpensive furnishings.  But check out their seasonal selections for budget friendly decor items like pillows, vases and picture frames to name a few.  Many have the high-end look with a low Ikea price.  Stores for Budget Decor

Go ahead and go to those expensive boutique furniture stores. Just don’t buy!  Instead shop for inspiration and then head to one of these 15 resources and get the same look for less.

Stores for Budget Decor
$500 at ZGallerie, I paid $199 on Craigslist


I actually found my coffee table on Craigslist for less than half the retail price.  I truly believe that if you are patient you can find just about anything on Craiglist.

Buy & Sell Apps

But Craiglist isn’t the only game in town anymore.  Nowadays there are plenty buy and sell apps where you can find real bargains.  Close5, OfferUp and LetGo are just a few.  Check them out to see if someone is getting rid of something you have been looking for.

Did you find a new resource?  Or did I miss your favorite?  Please leave me a comment and let me know your favorite stores for budget decor.

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