LOW cost/HIGH style: The Artificial Christmas Tree

Yes I know that when this posts goes live there will be exactly one week to go until Christmas.  So why am I posting about buying an artificial Christmas tree when the season is almost over?  I’m so glad you asked!  Well even though the Christmas sales will be ending in about a week, the after Christmas sales will just be launching.

Even if you don’t plan to purchase an artificial Christmas Tree this year, you can look out for a sale, get a killer deal and be ready for next year.  So just in case you might be in the market for an artificial Christmas tree, today I’m gonna give you my pics to look out for.

artificial Christmas tree

The Artificial Christmas Tree

artificial Christmas tree
High Style tree $999.00

As I said we might be on the look out for an after Christmas sale, and for this first tree boy will you need it.

HIGH: Our High Style Christmas Tree is a lovely 6.5 foot, Carolina Pine tree.  It is pre-lit with white lights and decorated with pinecones.  The branches are very full, making the tree look lush.  This is a lovely tree with a lovely price tag to match.  This tree comes in at a hefty $999.00.  Whew!  At that price we should be able to leave it up all year.


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artificial Christmas tree
My Martha Stewart Tree $265.00

LOW:  In slight contrast is our Low Cost Christmas Tree (which just happens to be the tree I have owned for 10 years and it still looks great).  This tree by Martha Stewart is actually a full foot taller than the HIGH tree.  It’s a 7.5 footer, pre-lit with white lights and also has pinecones.  But wait!  This one is 75% less than the above tree.  My taller tree is only $266.50.  Now that’s a bargain!

Now I could stop here, but why?  This is too much fun!  Look what other HIGH/LOW artificial Christmas trees I found!



artificial Christmas tree


The Look for Less

HIGH: Check out this Half-Wall Christmas tree!  This one is really cool and would be a great option for someone who is space challenged (like me).  Anyway, the deal is it fits into a corner and doesn’t use up valuable floor space.  SO SMART!  It’s also a shorter tree, but still nice at 6.5′.  A little pricy at $624.00, but might be worth it to save the space.

LOW: Here’s a more budget friendly Half-Wall tree.  Again, this one is actually taller at 7.5′ and still saves space.  It’s not pre-lit, but neither is the price tag at $223.50.

artificial Christmas treeHIGH:  I think I am about to swoon!  I’m in love with this Spiral Christmas Tree!  I have never seen one like it.  This would certainly make a statement in your home.  Instead of branches everywhere this tree is sculpted into a spiral shape.  There are still plenty of branches and spaces to hang your ornaments, but the tree will be the star of this show.  This tree stands 7′ and is pre-lit with white lights.  Not too bad at $328.00 for this beautiful tree.

LOW:  Here’s another option.  It is a silver white spiral tree.  The tree stands 7′ and is pre-lit with a slightly lower price of $291.00.


Check out our FLAT CHRISTMAS TREE Banners!

Great for the space challenged.

Check out our FLAT CHRISTMAS TREE Banners! Great for the space challenged.  

Other Tempting Timbers

artificial Christmas treeHow about a set of trees?  This is a set of three Natural Bark Alpine Christmas Trees.  You get one 4′, one 5′ and one 6′ tree.  They are all pre-lit and would look great as a centerpiece on a buffet table.  The price point is moderate-to-high at $335 for the set.

How much would you spend on a Christmas Tree?

As a child, our family had a white flocked tree.  We had to assemble the tree branch-by-branch and with all that flocking you can just imagine was a real mess.  As if the completely white flocked tree wasn’t artificial enough, my mother had the nerve to setup a color wheel that would give the appearance of the tree changing color every few minutes.  I LOVED THAT TREE!

Here’s a flocked tree that hopefully is a little less messy and bit easier to assemble.  This one is not hard on the budget either coming in at SUPER LOW $80.

artificial Christmas tree
An $80 Christmas Tree!

How about a boutique ready potted Christmas tree?  Potted Christmas trees look really elegant inside or outside the front door.  This one is adorable and gives a real traditional look to your décor.

What about a colored tree?  Not everyone’s cup of tea, but not everyone has traditional taste so why go all traditional just because it’s the holidays.  Here are a few fun color Christmas trees that would be real standouts in a monochromatic room or anywhere you would like to inject some color into your Christmas.

artificial Christmas tree

artificial Christmas treeI just had to include this one!  Some might think “NO WAY”, but I think this upside down tree is the most quirky and the most fun of all.  Talk about a show stopper!  Your guests will not be expecting this.






Which is my favorite?

artificial Christmas tree
Pencil (or slim) trees can be well under $100

Finally, is one of my favorite types of Christmas tree.  It’s the skinny one or the pencil tree!  I know it’s not everyone’s favorite, but I just think they are so elegant.  This is another great option for smaller spaces.

Some may not get all warm and fuzzy about a skinny tree, but if I could convince my family I sure would have one.

Finding A Bargain Tree

So whether you are looking for a traditional, modern or quirky tree, there are bargains out there to be found.  I know for the Christmas tree purists even the thought of an artificial tree is just not appealing.  I get it!  I really do. But when you consider that I have had my tree for over 10 years, that one-time $256.00 investment paid for itself in just over 5 years (when you consider the average tree is $50).  Not a bad investment in the long run.

What do you think?  Do you like an artificial Christmas tree?  Which one is your favorite?  I would love to know.  Leave me a comment below with your pick.

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  1. Thanks for all the 411. I saw yours in person and this photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s so lovely

    1. Thanks Kelley! I am so glad you approve. Artificial trees can be just as elegant as their counterparts. Thanks for the comment!

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