The Best Zoom Background Actually Duped For Much Less

Zoom background duped

In this post, I’m sharing how I duped my favorite Zoom Background … for thousands less than the original. I think you will be amazed at how close this design dupe gets to the inspiration design. So let’s dive into the Zoom background duped!

OK this just might be pandemic specific but I don’t know about you but I pay attention to almost everything when it comes to design. I mean I even pay attention to bathroom design when I go out. Especially if it’s a really nice restaurant or hotel. They have amazing bathrooms and lounge areas. Yeah, I’m checking that out for sure.

This is probably why during the pandemic I noticed that people were being rated on their Zoom background. During the past year, someone actually came up with a rating scale for reporters and others backgrounds. People were seriously getting graded for their backgrounds! Go to the Twitter account @ratemyskyperoom if you want to check it out.

Zoom background duped

I don’t know if I saw anyone who had an absolute F for a background but I did see some really nice ones. One reporter had a nice fire cracking behind her during her call and another had a book collection that would rival your local library. All of them are interestingly arranged.

But one in particular for me takes the award! One that I fell in love with and knew I had to dupe.

My Favorite Zoom Background Duped!

Jonathan Capehart had an amazing background. So much so that I actually took a picture of my television screen just because I wanted to look at it a little bit closer.

Courtesy of DataLounge

I love how each area of the bookcase is designed and arranged with not only books but pictures, floral arrangements, and artifacts. It just seems to frame him so beautifully. Eyecatching for sure!

I just feel like Jonathan Capehart dropped the mic with his background. And apparently, I’m not the only one! All you have to do is a Google search to see how many images come up for his background.

Determined to get that look for my new office space I started digging. And I was able to make an amazing design dupe in the process. Check out this design dupe that saves thousands!

Keep Designing –

This Design Dupe Saves Thousands

Of course, the biggest thing that struck out to me from his background was those amazing bookcases. So to be clear they will be the focus of our design. There called Fillmore Bookcases by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and they come in at a whopping $3000 apiece. Yep, I said a piece. And if you notice in the image he has two of these bookcases mirroring each other.

Wait $6000 on two bookcases! Nah! let’s see if we can do better.

Look at this nearly identical bookcase. The lines are so close to the inspiration that I was even shocked.

Here’s a side-by-side look at the two bookcases.

As you can see, the lines of the bookcases are very similar. They do differ a bit though. The Filmore Bookcase has black-back painted shelves while the dupe bookcases sport faux marble shelves. There’s a bit of a size difference as the Filmore is over 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide, but the other bookcase is slightly smaller at 6 feet in height and just over 3 feet wide.

Here’s two more bookcases that are also crazy close to the original piece, also minus $3000.

Frankwell by Ashley is another good design dupe choice but has a black finish and wood-looking shelves. The Tribesigns 8-Shelve Bookcase is black in color and has stronger lines.

Of course, I wanted gold or brass-looking bookcases like in JC’s background, and since the lines were most similar my choice would be this bookcase. And yes I did say bookcases (pleural) because using this design dupe at a 10th of the cost of the inspiration piece, I can easily afford two bookcases.

By the way, even a black finish could easily be changed with a brass-toned gold spray paint like this.

These bookcases would not only look amazing in a home office but a bedroom or a dressing room as well.

Total Saved in This Zoom Background Duped

Let’s see how much this design dupe saved. The inspiration bookcase retails for $3,094.00, so for two that would come in at a budget-busting $6188.00! But our dupe bookcase was only $289.99 which even for two keeps the price at a budget pleasing $579.98! So if you’re keeping score, to get a look-a-like this design dupe would save you $5608.02!

OMG! With that kinda savings I could design a few more rooms!

I love finding design dupes like this that allow you to get the look for less!

So did you see a Zoom background that you fell in love with? One that might be worthy to be Zoom background duped? I would love to hear about it. Please leave me a comment below and share your favorite zoom background.

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