The Easiest Diy Headboard You Will Love To Make

DIY Headboard

The Easiest DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard

You know sometimes after you see something you smack your forehead and say "OF COURSE"? Well, this project will have you thinking DUH, why didn't I think of that.

You see I've been wanting a statement headboard for a while. You know the ones that the room just seems to be built around? Well, the thing is, as much as I salivated over them I just couldn't justify the price point I was finding.

That is until I figured out a way to DIY my way to the headboard of my dreams.

Check out this quick and SUPER EASY tutorial and you'll see how you can have one too! Oh and don't let the tufting scare you. That's easy too!

Prep Time 20 minutes
Active Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 20 minutes


  • Art Canvas
  • Foam (optional)
  • Quilted Vinyl or Fabric
  • Prong Back Upholstery Buttons (optional)
  • Spray Adhesive


  • Staple Gun & Staples
  • Mounting Hardware


  1. MEASURE the headboard size. Here's a handy headboard chart to help you decide the correct width. I wanted my headboard to be tall and grand so I used my inspiration headboard to determine the height.
  2. PURCHASE ART CANVAS that is the correct height for your headboard. I was able to find a 48" x 24" canvas at Michaels. Since my bed is a California King, in order to get the correct width, I needed 3 canvases (72"). DIY headboard TIP: If you catch a BOGO sale it really saves $. FYI my headboard needed to be in 3 pieces (I'll explain later), but if you want a one-piece headboard, use some metal straps from the hardware store to join the canvases together into one piece.
  3. ASSEMBLE THE LAYERS first lay down and cut the fabric, allowing for at least 4" on all sides. Then cut your foam the exact size as the canvas (leave no allowance on sides). DIY headboard Now assemble the upside-down layers like this - fabric, foam, canvas. Use the spray adhesive in between each layer to keep things from shifting. DIY headboard
  4. START TO STAPLE! Pulling all the layers (not too tight) around to the back of the canvas, start stapling. To avoid the layers shifting, alternate sides to keep things even. DIY headboard. Go around the whole canvas making sure the fabric is tacked down well.
  5. TUFT IT OUT! This is totally optional but I just couldn't resist, I just had to tuft it! First, you need to decide how many tufts you want and where. TIP: Use a piece of masking tape to mark out your tufts. Then using prong upholstery buttons, punch the prong ends through all the layers. The pointed edge makes this easy. DIY headboard On the backside, pull the prong button as tight as necessary to create a good tuft. Separate the prongs to hold it in place. DIY headboard
  6. FINISHING TOUCHES. Since my headboard was in three pieces, I needed to attach hinges so they could fold back onto each other when not in use. DIY headboard I just used some door hinges I got at Home Depot. Around this time I realized the backside of the headboard wasn't looking too hot and since at least one canvasback would be visible I decided I needed to cover it. I used an inexpensive, plain white vinyl to cover the back and clean up the look.
  7. AND DONE! I used the hinges on either end of the canvases pieces to hang the headboard. DIY headboard Now I have a headboard that opens to allow light in during the day and closes at night to function as a real GRAND headboard. Nice rite? I told you it was easy! DIY headboard


In this tutorial, I mentioned that I used an art canvas that was 24"x 48" and that I used three to create my headboard. FYI these canvases come in all sizes some of them quite big. So depending on your needs, you might be able to find the perfect size ready to go without needing to join multiple canvases.

BACKSTORY: When I first was figuring out how this headboard project would come together, my husband was concerned about me covering up a window in case of an emergency. So even though there is another completely fine window on the other side of the room, I reworked the headboard to allow it to open and close allowing for access to the window. Hence the need for the headboard to be in three pieces.

VARIATIONS: Using the same easy process you could create a completely different look. Just purchase smaller canvases and cover them individually. Then either hang each one individually or attach them together to create one piece.

Or you could build your own custom canvas frames to create a horizontal headboard like this - DIY headboard

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