feather wreath
feather wreath

My White Feather Wreath

After running a few errands last Saturday, I was actually rushing to a hair appointment when I decided to steal a few minutes and run into my friendly neighborhood Goodwill.  I love going to thrift stores.  You never know what you might find or be inspired by.  Anyway, I was actually looking for a jean jacket for an upcoming project.  No luck?  But on the way out I spied a Christmas feather wreath.

Here’s why you should not sleep on thrift stores, not even especially during the holidays.

I picked it up the wreath to take a look.  (BTW: Always pick it up, before someone else does.  You can always put it back.)  It was a white boa feather wreath.  There were no stains or obvious missing feathers creating any bald spots.  It looked quite expensive so when the timer on my phone went off, I decided I would get the wreath to start off my holiday decorations.  I thought the wreath would look perfect hanging in front of the window in my bedroom.
Don’t you LOVE IT?
I was right!  It looks great.  I do have plans to maybe string some white lights just to give it some nighttime drama.
Lights would give the wreath DRAMA!


But here is the really great part; after gazing at the wreath for awhile I thought it looked like something I might find at ZGallerie (my favorite store – for inspiration).  So I did some research and look what I found – it is almost exactly like the one ZGallerie sells.
The only difference the ZGallerie wreaths’ feather tips are highlighted.  Oh and my thrift store score was $7.99 and ZGallerie’s version a whopping $46.00.  That’s a $38.00 savings!
I love when that happens.  Can you say WINNING!
feather wreath



Yes!  You can make one.  Even though I found my feather wreath at the thrift store and saved BIG BUCKS (well sort of), you can not only recreate the wreath but the savings too.

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Keep Designing:

Making a wreath like this is probably one of the easiest DIY projects that anyone can do.  Really!  You can do this! 

I almost feel silly leaving this info.  But just in case you don’t believe me or you want a STEP-BY-STEP for creating your own feather wreath, Rust and Sunshine shows how to make a gorgeous feather wreath using (of all things) a cardboard for the base.

 feather wreath
Rust and Sunshine’s DIY Feather Wreath Tutorial

I love how my holiday shopping is starting!

Cricut Maker Machine

Have you started decorating yet?  Please leave me a comment below and tell me what was the last thing you scored at the thrift store.

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  1. I love it. It looks so festive. Nice find!

    1. Thanks Jane! I just love discovering finds like this at thrift stores. Thanks so much for the comment.

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