using bamboo

Have you ever noticed that you have an affinity for something without even really knowing it?  Well, it seems that I feel some kinda way about bamboo.  A quick scan of just my living room and you will notice quite a few of injections of bamboo.  So I thought I would do a post about using bamboo in room design.

using bamboo

I remember Nate Berkus saying that you should have a natural element in your room design.  In some of his room designs, he would incorporate sea coral, wooden bowls or an African basket.  I guess my natural element of choice is bamboo.  This is how I am using bamboo to decorate my home.

I love natural, stained and painted bamboo!

Using Bamboo Accents To Decorate


using bambooIt is easy being green

A few years ago the color of the year was green.  Around that time I found this cute little bamboo tray and decided I would use it to incorporate the requisite green into my living room.  I found a glossy green spray paint and voila I was in the green club.  I’ve since thought of repainting it but  I love my painted bamboo tray.  


Romans are shady

I installed bamboo roman shades in my living room, kitchen, master bedroom and even in the bathroom.  The bamboo vertical blind panels are my favorite.

There is even an oversized bamboo vase in the corner.

Yep, I guess it’s safe to say I love me some bamboo.  Hey, would you like to get on the bamboo bandwagon?  Well, here is a quick tutorial of how I brought a small table back to life.


Painted Bamboo Table

using bambooI found this cute little bamboo table at my favorite store, The Goodwill.

using bambooIt was just one of those things I just had to buy.  I mean it was only $5.00 (me practicing what I’m going to tell my husband).  Oh and I found a cute little bamboo tray to marry to the table.

Just wait, it will be cute.  You’ll see.

Oh, yeah the tag says $9.99, but green tags were on sale that day.  Can you say thirsty thrifting!

The table was in fair condition with a crack here and there and a few scratches here and there, but I knew I could bring it back to life.


Printed Cotton Twill Cushion Covers

Little Table, Little Table What Will You Be

using bambooAnyway,  I primed both the table and tray with this spray paint.  It goes on smooth and dries fast to allow for multiple light coats in a short period of time.  It actually took me the longest to decide which color to paint this table.

It actually took me the longest to decide which color to paint this table.  Originally I was thinking about a metallic finish like gold or silver.  If I was going to put it a bedroom, a rose gold would be glorious. Eventually, I settled on

Eventually, I settled on this soft red color.  I know it’s not that different from the stain color of the original table, but I needed to bring in some more red accents into the room.



Ta Da!

So this is how it turned out.  What do you think?


using bamboo

What do you think about using bamboo in your home decor?  Have you transformed a thrift store find lately?  I would love to see how it turned out.  Please leave me a comment below with pictures.

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