BUDGET DECORATING: What to get with that coupon!

what to get with that coupon

I am a proud coupon cutting, mobile coupon carrying, budgeting decorator.  Yep, I am!  I know that I am not alone.  Most budgeters know that the key to designing on a beer budget is getting things on sale or using coupons to reduce the retail cost.  To that end, I make sure to use coupons whenever I can to make purchases.  I will even buy at another store just so I can use my coupon.   It’s just something I do.  That being said, if I don’t have a current project going on sometimes I can get stumped with what to get with that coupon.

what to get with that coupon

Lately, I noticed that many of the weekly coupons are set to expire during the work week.  So if you don’t know what to get, your coupon will die before you redeem it.  To me, that is equal to paying more, and that’s a NO-NO for budgeters.

Well no more!  

The stores don’t make it any easier when most of the store is already on-sale or coupon exempt.

Today I am making a list for myself (and for you) of which items I can regularly pick up using my weekly coupon.  These are the project necessities or household staples that can always be used or stocked up on. Whether you find yourself at Michael’s, Joann’s or Hobby Lobby, here are items you can pick up with your coupon and SAVE MONEY!  (Psst!  Keep reading.  I even stuck in a coupon just for you)

Here’s what to get with that coupon!

what to get with that coupon

1. Painter’s Tape

What DIY’er would be without this staple?!  I like to pick up that pricey Frog Tape with my coupon whenever I see it in stock.

2. Velcro

You would be surprised how many different versions of velcro are in stock at these craft stores.  They even have the heavy-duty stuff.

3. 3M Hooks

I always need these.  Especially around the holidays.  Remember these are the removable hooks and wall hangers.

4. Spray Paint

This is where a 50 to 60% coupon will really serve you well.  If there is a particular color that you use around the house, why not pick up an extra can for that next project?

This Week's Coupon at Michaels.com

5. Glue

The craft stores have an impressive selection of various adhesives from Gorilla glue to plain ole white paper glue.  They even have adhesive removers too.  

6. Candle

Whether you prefer tea lights or larger jar candles, you can find a wide selection at either of the craft stores.  They even have the newer flameless “flicker” (my fav) candles.

7. Mirror

Why not try a mirror project like my floor mirror?  The craft stores have mirrors in all shapes from round to octagon to ovals.  They even have adhesive backed mirrors that can be cut on a die cutting machine.

8.  Canvas

Ready to try a DIY art project?  They have canvases from tiny to oversized at the craft stores ready for your next Rembrandt.

9. Picture Frame

Frames can be expensive.  Use your coupon to get a really nice one for 1/2 off.

10. Basket

Whether it’s a storage or decorative basket, you can find it at the craft stores.  Ooo how about a nice wicker picnic basket.  Maybe get the extra large one since you have a coupon to spend.

11.  Ribbon

You might want to try a project like my ribbon lampshade.  A coupon would sure come in handy for the amount of ribbon needed.   I use a coupon to stock up on colors like champagne or copper to dress up even a plain white gift box.

TIP:  Did you know that most stores allow you to order items from their online stores and get delivery to your neighborhood store for FREE?  And you can even use your coupon!

12.  Craft Paint

I must have just about every shade of metallic gold in the craft paint section.  It’s fun trying new hues.  Use your coupon to try out a new shade of gray that you might be thinking about using around the house.

13.  Paint Brushes

While you’re in the paint section, why not pick up a few paint brushes.  That way you won’t have to run out to the store when you start that next project.

14.  Wooden Accent

Usually, right next to the craft paint section there is an unfinished wood section.  I see so many projections on Pinterest for DIY signs.  Why not pick up a piece for your desk and make it your own.

15.  Gift Bags

It’s always someone’s birthday rite?!  Why not stock up on a bulk pack of gift bags.  The craft stores have them in fun colors with ribbon to match.  No more running out to the store just for a gift bag.

16.  Give it Away!

Ok, if you still can’t figure out what to get with that coupon why not pay it forward and give it away?  That’s what I do.

If I find I have an extra coupon that is about to expire and I know I’m not going to use it, I look for another shopper or someone in line and gift it to them.

It makes me feel good that I didn’t waste a perfectly good coupon, plus I helped someone save a little money too.  The other shopper, of course, appreciates it too!

TIP:  If you give your coupon away it’s a double blessing.  The other person saves and you get to stay on the store’s mailing list.  Yea!  Everyone wins!

So no more spinning aimlessly in the aisles (Oops maybe that’s just me).  Now we know just what to get with that coupon.  Hey did I forget something?  What do you get with your coupons?  Leave me a comment below and help me add to this list.

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