Since I just took you on a tour of my living room, I thought it might be fun to have a shopping challenge.  We can see what would you buy if you had the money to spend and redecorate your own living room.

If You Had $2000 to Spend on a new LIVING ROOM

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What Would You Buy

What Would You Buy?

If I gave you $2000 to spend on all new living room furnishings – what would you buy?

What Would You Buy

This is a hypothetical spending challenge that should be a lot of fun.  After all, it’s fun to spend monopoly money right?  I thought that seeing as many of us are about to embark on a Black Friday and Christmas shopping extravaganza for presents that it might be fun to see what big-ticket items everyone is eyeing for themselves!  Just think of this challenge as practicing those shopping ninja skills before the big test.

And because it is holiday time and I’m feeling generous, I’m going to give you hypothetical cash in the amount of $2000.  So let’s get shopping!

Here’s the Shopping Challenge

So here’s how it works:

  • Let’s use Amazon’s Home and Kitchen area as a guide so we’re all talking the same prices.
  • Surf around and identify what stuff (furnishings, artwork, accessories, etc.) you’d get if you had $2000.
  • Tell/and or show (with a link) what you’d get in the comments below. Tell us why you selected what you did.

What would you order?

What Would You Buy

If you are a BBS girl like me, I bet you could get quite a bit with two grand!

  • Perhaps this Classic Velvet Scroll Arm Tufted Button Chesterfield Style Sofa (currently a ‘best seller’ on Amazon) 
  • Or maybe this Alfred Contemporary Club Chair (another favorite) with its lovely nailhead detail.
  • Or perhaps you want to use the opportunity to get yourself a new ottoman, coffee table, end tables, and lamps.
  • Or maybe you’d just blow a big chunk of cash on a gorgeous Morrocan Rug you’ve been lusting after – like this one  (the one I’ve been eying for months now…. Sigh….)
  • Get as much stuff as you can!  You just can’t go over the $2000 shopping limit.

Maybe you would get that lava lamp … Just kidding! 🙂

Don’t get too bogged down in the details – It’s just pretend and I’m really just curious what everyone else would buy if they had an extra $2000 just laying around.

Modern Rugs and Carpets

Wasn’t that fun?!

It’s always fun spending someone else’s money (even if it isn’t real).  Looking forward to seeing what you ‘order’ (hypothetically of course).  Don’t forget to leave your picks & pics, and don’t forget the total in a comment below.

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